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Holyokeís Fallen from the Vietnam War 


Personal Data:               

Birth Date:  April 20, 1942

Birth Place:

Race:  Caucasian

Religion:  Roman Catholic

U.S. Citizen:  Yes

Fatherís Name:

Motherís Name:

Sibling Names:

Marital Status:  Single

Wifeís Name:

Offspring Names:


Schools Attended:

High School Diploma:

Selective Service Data:

SSS Local Board Number:

SSS Local Board Location:

SSS Registration Date:

SSS Registrant Description:

Military Service Record:

Entry Date:

Entry Mode:

Entry Location:

Home of Record:  Holyoke, Massachusetts

Service Branch:  Army                                 

Service Component:  Regular                      

Rank:  Specialist Five

Rank Abbrev:  SP5   

Pay Grade:  E5         

MOS:  12B2S            

MOS Title:

MOS Background:

Awards Received:  

Badges Earned:

Posthumous Promotion: 

Length of Service:

Southeast Asia Tour Data:

Date Tour Commenced: March 28, 1965

Major Command:  U.S. Army Special Forces                  

Land Assignment:

Regiment:  5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Battalion:  1st Special Forces                 

Company:  A-341 (CIDG/SS/BS)

Casualty Data:

Casualty Date:  July 20, 1965

Casualty Time:

Casualty Age:  23

Casualty Data 1: Hostile, Died                      

Casualty Data 2:  Gun, Small Arms Fire       

Casualty Data 3:  Ground Casualty               

Casualty Province:  Province & Military Region Unknown

Casualty Country:  South Vietnam               

Located In Or Near:

Body Recovered:  Yes


Burial Location:

Burial Plot Location:

Burial Date:

Consigned Funeral Home:

Military Escort Name:

Holyokeís Fallen Casualty Order:  2nd 

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Panel Number:  02E  Line Number:  41


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