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Mobile Advisory Teams 

In terms of organization and hierarchy, each province had a Province Headquarters and a Province Senior Advisor (PSA).  The PSA, a Colonel, was responsible for the advisory districts within the province.  Each advisory district had a District Headquarters and a District Senior Advisor (DSA).  The DSA, a Major, was responsible for the MATs within the district.  


MATs ideally consisted of one Captain team leader, one 1st Lieutenant assistant team leader, one Sergeant First Class (SFC) heavy weapons specialist, one SFC light weapons specialist, and one SFC senior medic.  Each MAT lived at a “home outpost” with the South Vietnamese soldiers it was advising, and it  usually operated by itself, not with other MATs.  


By 1970, it was increasingly rare to find the ideal five-man MAT deployed in Vietnam.  As advisors rotated back to the United States after completing their tours, replacements were not always sent.  The Army had started to cut back on advisor deployments, resulting in a certain amount of doubling up of duties and missions for those who were there.  Attrition was taking its toll.


Russell Welch, an Advisory Team 43 member who was based at Province Headquarters in 1970, declared, "Truthfully, I can’t imagine a much more dreary assignment…the MAT would have basically spent the entire year in some sort of home outpost with the South Vietnamese and not have a lot of personal contact with other Americans stationed there.

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