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The following letter was written by LCPL Charles Parsons to the Commandant of the Marine Corps.


                                                             27 June 1966


          I have been in the Marine Corps about 18 months.  I am a 2541 teletype operator attached to the Third Marine Air Wing.  I do not feel that I have or will serve my country or the Marine Corp in the best possible way.  I have put in requests for transfers, but I guess they were not approved as I never heard an answer either negative or positive.

          I am doing what I think is the right thing.  This is my last resort, I can go no higher.  I am requesting a transfer from the Third Marine Air Wing to Division Recon in an outfit destined for combat.  I enlisted in the Marine Corps to fight.

          I do firmly believe that I could better serve my country and the Marine Corps in a fighting outfit as a fighting Marine.

                                                    Respectfully Yours

                                                    L/cpl Charles E. Parsons

I am attached to
H&HS-3 MWHG-3 WG/Comm Third MAW
MCAS El Toro Santa Ana Calif.

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